Jackson Browne, Standing in the Breach The Interview

2014 10 07 Rockcellar Mag Interview

Standing in the Breach, the new Jackson Browne album out October 7th on Inside Recordings, is full of the sort of ruminations on love and loss and the state of the world that fans of his remarkable early 70s work will find familiar, with songs of longing about the space between us ultimately giving way to reflections on peace and hope.

Browne has released three excellent live acoustic-based albums since 2005, but Standing In The Breach is his first studio album since 2008s Time the Conqueror. It opens with The Birds of St. Marks, a song he wrote in 1967 but never captured on tape the way he originally intended.

“I wrote it when I was playing guitar for Nico in New York in the Sixties,” Browne told me recently. “She loved the Byrds, and so did I, and she would often say, ‘Play something like McGuinn.’ So that definitely inspired the writing. But I always imagined it this way, the way it is on the new album.”

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