An Interview with Jackson Browne

2014 10 07 The Nation

Katrina vanden Heuvel: So, thank you for taking the time.

Jackson Browne: Oh, no. Thank you for askingfor wanting to do this. Im thrilled.

KVH: Youre carrying The New York Times.

JB: I get The New York Times every day that Im touring actually and at home. And then John gets it for me wherever we are and whatever the local paper is, but this isso this isits always interesting toyou knowwell, its not interesting, but its always notable to note the difference in the coverage.

KVH: I was listening to Lives in the Balance anda lot of questions about thatbut you have a great line in there, which Im not going to get right, but about the mediaabout talk radio, talk shows and what they kind of peddle. And Im just wondering: were living in a different time, but many of the issues youve written about, have sung aboutyou know, war, lack of humanity, lies government tellsIm wondering how you see the media right now.

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