Jackson Browne: Standing In The Breach Album Review

Jackson Brownes new album is a masterclass in Americana says Harry Mulligan.

The new Jackson Browne album, Standing In The Breach, his fourteenth studio LP, is classically, monumentally and colossally Jackson Browne. Period! He cleverly holds a mirror up to a heavily dichotomous and divided America, but not before revisiting that gentle easy groove of yesteryear in his first two tracks, The Birds of Saint Marks (the albums first single) and Yeah Yeah.

The opening track was written some years ago when Browne lived in the Parish of St Mark in New York City. In the second track we hear more from the man with the long love affair with love, before we start to see glimpses of the old politicized Browne that we know and love, Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee that he is.

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