USAToday – Hear Jackson Browne’s Standing in the Breach album

Standing in the Breach, the new Jackson Browne album premiering at USA TODAY (out Oct. 7), finds the singer/songwriter in a distressed but ultimately hopeful frame of mind.

News 9.29.14 Usatoday

Take the key line in If I Could Be Anywhere: “If I could be anywhere right now, I would want to be here.” It’s a lyric, and a delivery, worthy of Browne’s most sentimental love songs, but it’s not used that way. Except that it kind of is.

“It is a love song a love song to the oceans, the environment, to future generations,” Browne says. “It’s the idea that there’s a challenge that can only be met while we’re here, both in the sense of being present and also that we’re here at this moment in time. . . .”

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