Jackson Browne, Jack Tempchin & Joel Rafael Announce Circle Of Friends Benefit Concert For Cheyne Johnston Recovery

Jb Circle

On April 9 at the California Center For the Arts, Escondido in North San Diego County, Jackson Browne and friends Jack Tempchin and Joel Rafael will host a special benefit to assist the recovery of Cheyne Johnston, a North County resident. Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 7 at Noon and can be purchased through the California Center For the Arts, Escondido at

Last year, on April 27, Cheyne Johnston was involved in a very serious off road motorcycle accident while riding at Lake Elsinore motorcross. He was wearing full protective gear, which most likely saved his life. Cheyne suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, specifically, DAI – which is Diffuse Axonal Injury – meaning he had multiple injuries throughout the brain in addition to forced impact to the front and back of his head. Cheyne also suffered a separated shoulder, multiple rib fractures and a fractured pelvis.

A North County resident, Cheyne is the father of two young children aged six and four. Aged 35, Cheyne is still unable to do anything for himself. As with any brain injury, recovery is a very long and slow process, and each brain injury is unique. In December of 2014, with their own funds depleted, Cheyne’s parents Karen and Charles Macbeth brought him home to live with them as he was no longer making progress in rehab. “We have worked hard and searched high and low to find quality help and therapists and have assembled a really good team, but it has not been easy,” says Karen Macbeth. “The reality of caring for a person with a severe traumatic brain injury is a daunting one. At this point in our journey, Cheyne is not ready for outpatient services, and we’ve found there is a lack of resources. Facilities are limited and expensive, and generally not covered by insurance. Finding experienced caregivers, therapists, doctors, and social workers who have the proper education and ability to care for brain injured individuals is challenging.”

Nearly two million people a year suffer a traumatic brain injury. Funds from the benefit concert will help provide resources for the recovery and care of Cheyne Johnston and help create The Cheyne C. Johnston Foundation for Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery and Education, with the hope to provide resources for other individuals and families who face a similar situation, as well as training for those wanting to specifically work in the field of brain injury recovery and care.

Jackson Browne, a personal friend of the family, along with North County residents and songwriters Jack Tempchin and Joel Rafael, also a friend of the family, decided to join forces as a “circle of friends” benefit to raise funds for Cheyne Johnston recovery.

Tax deductible donations for Cheyne Johnston recovery can be made through the Guacamole Fund at