I'm Alive


Song Lyrics

I'm Alive is a striking return to the kind of romantic subject matter that the Los Angeles singer and songwriter seemed to have abandoned after 1980 in favor of political songwriting. His finest album in nearly two decades, it has much in common with his 1974 masterpiece, Late For The Sky, whose songs also described the disintegration of a relationship. The album's best lyrics offer glimpses of phrase-making brilliance. "I wanted to live in the realm of the senses/You've got to know how/And for some kinds of pleasure there are no defenses/I know that now," he sings in "My Problem Is You." Describing the perils of extreme intimacy in "Two of Me, Two of You," he finds the perfect words to evoke emotional tumult: "And together we went crashing through/Every bond and vow and faith we knew." In moments like these, Mr. Browne speaks with the authority of someone who has risked a great deal to pursue a romantic ideal.

Stephen Holden, The New York Times, November 14, 1993

Putting Third World and rain forest politics on hold, Jackson Browne delivers a near-definitive collection of lost-love laments. Sinatra used to make brilliant records capturing a single mood; "I'm Alive" is that kind of tone poem, and its color is blue. Browne's voice is a marvel of yearning on "Too Many Angels," "Sky Blue and Black" and "Take This Rain," and by delving into the bitterness, regret, accusation, self-pity and fragile hope that compose the emotional catalog of the jilted, he has made beautiful songs. (RS 672-673)

Paul Evans, Rolling Stone, 1993