World in Motion


Song Lyrics

Browne's call to action on World in Motion is also the toughest kind to deny. Even more explicitly issue driven than its politically charged predecessor Lives In The Balance, World in Motion is an album of universal truths bound together by a highly personal focus. Browne's stance is also free of gratuitous pop-star rage, rooted instead in calm, unassailable reason. The beauty of a song like "Anything Can Happen" - which contends that if love can thrive in a climate of violence and dread, so can the promise of change - is that its calm adamancy is actually heightened by its tender elegance. There are a million ways for music to say that people deserve better - better government, better life, better love. On World in Motion, Browne gets your attention by getting under your skin. (RS 556-557)

David Fricke, Rolling Stone, 1989