Lawyers in Love


Song Lyrics

The title may sound like a goof, but Lawyers In Love is, in fact, a particularly neat juggling act from rock's foremost romantic prestidigitator. Part departure and part consolidation, it is the sturdy cornerstone of one of the year's strongest albums.

Denise Worrell, Time Magazine - US Edition, September 12, 1983

Lawyers in Love, Browne's seventh album, marks a significant change from the feckless hyperconfessionality of 1980's Hold Out ("Anyway, I guess you wouldn't know unless I told you ... but I love you!"), a welcome widening of perspective that allows Browne to escape, once and for all, the L.A. albatross that has hung around his neck for the last eleven years. Even though Lawyers in Love does send Browne into uncharted waters-where he occasionally sounds a bit lost-it nevertheless is a more nervy, intelligent LP than its predecessor. (RS 405)

Christopher Connelly, Rolling Stone, 1983