Hold Out


Song Lyrics

Hold Out is a fine record; perhaps his finest, overall. It confirms his growth as an artist. It represents a welcome broadening of idiom.

John Rockwell, The New York Times, July 13, 1980

Everything that's right and everything that's wrong about Hold Out, Jackson Browne's first studio album since The Pretender (1976), can be found in its climax: the spoken confession at the end of the last cut, "Hold On Hold Out." Eight minutes long, "Hold On Hold Out" is the LP's anthem, its farewell address and would-be summation. With Technicolor clarity, the drive of the drums, the zing of the string synthesizer and the shoulders-thrust-back momentum of the piano jump out at you-big and bright and basic. So the drama is real when the instruments drop back and Browne stops singing and starts speaking. (RS 325)

Kit Rachlis, Rolling Stone, 1980